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We are Atelier Nomadic.
We create biophilic architecture, regenerative landscapes and tactile interiors.

interior of bamboo restaurant

Biophilic design

We seek to connect the buildings and their occupants more closely to nature. We incorporate elements like natural lighting and ventilation, landscape features and local building materials to create a more productive and healthy built environment that respects the integrity of the surroundings.

wild coast tented lodge by atelier nomadic

Embedded in the landscape

We design buildings that seek a dialogue and harmonious balance with the natural surroundings.

soneva kiri by atelier nomadic

Reinventing the vernacular

Vernacular architecture teaches us how we can inhabit different environments using locally available materials. It harnesses knowledge that took centuries to acquire. We incorporate this knowledge in contemporary designs.

bamboo structure by atelier nomadic

Bamboo architecture

We are specialized designing bamboo buildings, one of the most sustainable and the fastest growing renewable building material in the world. We work with a network of bamboo construction specialists across the world who can assist in the realization of our bamboo projects.

bamboo construction team of wild coast tented lodge

Working with local craftsmen and materials

Working with local craftsmen and natural materials will both support and connect our projects to local communities and integrate them into the cultural context.

Atelier Nomadic studio in Rotterdam the Netherlands

Atelier Nomadic

Atelier Nomadic is an architecture and landscape design studio with offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Mauritius.

The Rotterdam based architecture studio is led by Olav Bruin and Giulia Pastore and was founded in 2014. The Mauritius based landscape design studio is led by Louis Thompson and was founded in 2011.

The studio specializes in biophilic architecture and regenerative landscape design and has worked on project across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The studio has been honoured with several prestigious international awards including the Architecture Master Prize, International Architecture Award, Design for Asia Award and the UNESCO Prix Versailles.

Atelier Nomadic is the design partner of Nomadic Resorts and Nomadic Escapes. Nomadic Resorts designs and builds low impact tented pods and tree houses. Nomadic Escapes operates nature positive camps and lodges that focus on sustainability, well-being, and adventure.

The Rotterdam studio is located in a former Jenever Distillery, an early 19th century monument built in Delfshaven, one of the old ports of Rotterdam.


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2023 Biophilic Design Awards finalist

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2023 DNA Paris Design Award winner

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2023 Createurs Design Awards nominee

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2022 Ahead Americas Awards

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