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Leaf Suites, Utah USA


The Leaf Suites are part of the Mountain Lodge, just a mile from the edge of the national park in Utah. The luxury wilderness retreat will allow guests to stay in one of its 40 suites to develop a relationship with the land through the guiding principles of preservation and sustainability.

The property will set a new standard for gateway communities, one that inspires guests to not only be a part of the land’s continued story, but to become equal stewards of it.

The Leaf Suites are named for their innovative roofs which do, in fact, resemble leaves — they’re covered in solar panels and photovoltaic fabric to provide energy for the structures.

Inside the Leaf Suites provide separate living and sleeping areas, including a “wellness studio” that can be used for exercise, meditation, or in-room spa treatments.

Each accommodation also comes with electric bikes for exploring the property’s 35 miles of trails.